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Waiting for Christmas

Who is not waiting for Christmas?

Christmas seems to be still so far away. Yet Christmas carols are already creating waves over the radio. “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” is a great favorite even for people in the tropics where snow are seen only in the movie houses or in their dreams.

Fortunately white Christmas trees can be had almost everywhere by using the proper Christmas tree decorations. Dried tree limbs can be painted white. Others use cotton to wrap the twigs. My aunt from a bygone era would use white soap suds and meticulously cover the entire branches and twigs with it. It’s a labor of love to say the least.

In a few weeks, our Christmas tree at home will be set up. But we will not have a Christmas tree trimming party definitely. Because what we have is an artificial Christmas tree, it is still intact and in good condition for some years already.  This is one nice thing about artificial Christmas trees. It’s like getting a discount Christmas once you buy it and will generate savings  every year thereafter.

How to make the old Christmas tree new?  That’s the only problem with artificial trees. Yet it is not really a problem since you can find Christmas decorations of all types in all Christmas shops this coming holiday season.

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